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Interim Search Methodology

Identifying Clients’ Needs
Company executives and managers often need assistance in completing time-sensitive projects which often require technical expertise. All it takes is one phone call or a short meeting with one of our search specialists. Our team has the technical expertise and experience to understand your needs. We provide professionals for projects that may take from one week to several months duration. As your needs change, we have the flexibility to change with you. Our pool of resources is always growing and changing to meet the demands of your business.

Quick Response Time
When you lack the proper resources to meet deadlines or to fulfill daily operations you need us (human capital). We understand your sense of urgency and will respond quickly. Our ability to respond with the right people comes from a long history of working relationships with the Bay Area professionals. In addition, our on-going recruitment practice ensures that we always have quality talent available.

Presentation and Follow Up
Presentation of a professional’s profile will happen through resume submittal, formal interviews, or direct fill with a two-day guarantee. We provide a working history, professional references and formal background checks upon request.

When our candidate has begun working on the job, we follow up with both you the client and the candidate to that ensure everyone is satisfied. This on-going communication ensures that the expectations of our services are met and that you are getting what you need when you need it.