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Direct Hire Methodology

Alchemy Search Partners uses an aggressive process to identify, evaluate, attract and then place the key talent needed for your company. Our methodology is the backbone to our success. Our experienced professionals bring this methodology to life with the primary goal of quickly fulfilling clients expectations by providing the leaders you need to take your company to the next level and beyond.

Direct Placement Search Methodology

Creation of Position Profile
Company executives often need assistance reconciling their wants with the actual needs of the position in question. Your search specialist will meet with your key managers to design the position, including title, compensation, reporting structure, required education and experience. In addition, a thorough understanding of the business and its history is obtained, while the company’s “personality” is flushed out.

Then, a specific set of criteria is developed, resulting in the “hiring target” for the search. The search process is outlined.

Research and Identification
Alchemy Search Partners leverages its substantial database records and internet skills through a team of researchers that utilize the most modern techniques available to identify the talent needed. We focus on the passive candidate - a candidate who may already be employed but intrigued by the possibility of a new challenge and who knows the realities of career advancement. Because those professionals who possess the desired characteristics are not normally looking for new positions, they must be sought out.

Evaluation and Attraction of Desired Candidates
By comprehensive screening interviews, only those candidates who clearly meet the criteria developed in the design phase are selected for further consideration. All factors of the background are evaluated, including professional ability, personal attributes relevant to the client’s needs, and the career relevance and timing of the move for the candidate.

Attracting the most desirable candidates requires a combination of professional credibility, sophisticated counseling expertise and the ability to present the client in the most positive light.

Our search specialists take care to accurately present both the company and the position, but in a way that will elicit the greatest possible interest from each individual candidate. Once the personal interview and the evaluation process are complete, we then disclose the details of the opportunity to the candidate.

In consultation with the search specialist, the candidate then decides whether or not to continue the process.

Presentation of Findings

A written report featuring candidate profiles is presented to the client. Only the most outstanding candidates who hit the center of the “hiring target” are recommended. Together, we determine which of the candidates should be pursued.

Once we identify final candidates, Alchemy Search Partners works to maintain their high level of interest and structures the interview process by outlining the specific points needed to attract the candidates to the opportunity. Each outline, like each candidate, is unique and includes individual backgrounds and personal career needs.

Successful Conclusion of Assignment

Final candidate attraction
The search specialist counsels boththe client and candidate throughout the personal interview process. We will work with the client on how to best position the opportunity with the candidate and where the “red flags” may be. We counsel the candidate on what to expect throughout the process and gauge the interest level to ensure the candidate and client are attracted to each other.

Often times, companies and candidates lose interest due to miscommunication during the negotiation phase. This is the point where both the client and the candidate have decided that they want to work with each other and both want to feel the note of trust associated with compensation issues.

Our extensive experience in this area allows this process to proceed cleanly - ensuring that all parties walk away from the table feeling satisfied. We know how to create win-win situations. When it comes to negotiating salary, bonus structure, relocation, benefits and other compensation issues, a win-win is the only acceptable conclusion. We structure expectations and manage the process to create this conclusion.

Transition issues
We assist candidates through the process of resigning from their current position. We help them understand what to expect and how to handle different situations including counter-offers and liability issues. This is a very emotional time for candidates and their families. We counsel them through every step to the point that they have begun their new role in your company.

Follow Up
We make sure to keep in touch with you. Nothing is more important to the team at Alchemy Search Partners than a satisfied client. Often times we are hired by candidates we have placed in the past due to their relationship with their search specialist and their understanding that we won’t quit until a client is satisfied.