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Direct Hire Search Services

The Search Directors at Alchemy Search Partners are results-oriented professionals who seek to work with like-minded business leaders who need to fill key positions in their organization. We work to understand your business objectives and growth strategies and we advise you on current trends in the marketplace.

Start-Up Companies
Newly funded start-ups have unique challenges for their business leaders. They must be driven, have a willingness to take chances and most importantly be able to capitalize on the here and now in an aggressive manner. The team at Alchemy Search Partners has extensive experience dealing with such companies and has successfully placed candidates from the staff to executive levels in these types of fast paced environments.

Emerging Growth Companies
Companies in their second or third stage of growth are typically competing fiercely with other like companies. This makes attracting the best talent a true art form since we spend considerable time “selling the opportunity” to individuals who may be the right fit for the position but may be resistant to the change (they may be coming from a competitor). Emerging Growth companies need top quality leadership to properly execute business objectives and growth strategies. We know how to best present companies at this stage to prospective candidates and understand the client’s urgency in attracting this style of leadership.

Mature Companies
Established companies that have entrenched market positions encounter leadership turnover for many reasons such as retirement or business model changes. In this case, the goal becomes replacing one proven veteran with another. Alchemy Search Partners has demonstrated success in working with companies at this stage in their lifecycle. We understand how best to identify and attract the professionals who can provide the right style of leadership in a company that has the strong corporate culture that typical mature companies embrace.

We realize that every organization has a story to tell and whether your company is in a start-up, emerging growth or mature stage, we frame that story in the best way possible to attract top-notch talent to your team.

The experienced team at Alchemy Search Partners levels the playing field. With our industry and market knowledge, we find the candidates who are excited by the idea of new challenges and are open to opportunities. We do not just rely on candidates who are searching for work. We locate the hard-to-find candidates who fit our clients’ staffing needs.